2017 Acura MDX

2017 Acura MDX- Heralding growth story in Ohio


Honda Acura cars have gained rapid popularity which is giving cold feet to many leading automobile makers. Every single car irrespective of its generation has been a show stealer with its stylish looks as well as posh luxury. Whether it is resonating popularity or rise in demand for Honda vehicles, Honda 2017 Acura MDX will be simultaneously produced in Alabama and Ohio plants. An additional cost of $85 million is being supported by Honda solely for wielding equipment changes during production of 2017 Honda Acura MDX.


2017 Acura MDX Exterior

2016 Honda Acura’s pilot model itself set the adrenaline pumping. More of different special feature of looks can be expected from Honda 2017 Acura MDX. It is sure to be attractive especially with the little changed front grille that looks lot better. More alloy use will make exteriors stronger and durable than its predecessors. Slight chrome details have been done add spunk to this latest model2017 Acura MDX 111


2017 Acura MDX Interior

 This mid-sized 2017 Acura MDX is getting a facelift with stylish interiors due to its cool and comfortable features made only better by delightfully comfy leather (and heated too) seats. Interiors also provide at home atmosphere and relaxation in air conditioned mode. Quaint dashboard will be replaced with new feature loaded dashboard makes an entry to an already happening 2017 Honda MDX interior. Control console will have a touch screen display followed by a telescoping steering wheel and redesigned gauges.


2017 Acura MDX Safety

2017 Honda Acura MDX ever essential airbags, parking sensors, departure control, and traction control to avoid screeching of wheels on the roads. There is departure control, tracking system and much more.


2017 Acura MDX Engine

The talking point of any car, 2017 Acura MDX will offer 3.5 liter V6 engine coupled with a six speed automatic transmission. Aforementioned engine combo yields a satisfactory 290 horse power and 267 lb ft torque. This engine spec has garnered good ratings 18/27/21 mpg i.e. highway, city and combined. Front wheels have nailed it by superior rating of 20/28/23 mpg city/ highway/ combined. Such good ratings show that Acura has been designed to ace the fuel efficiency parameters. Better performance is expected in the years to come.2017 Acura MDX front


2017 Acura MDX Lights & seats

 Novel Jewel LED headlights will give illuminating effects. This technology will also be used for its tail lights. Seats of 2017 Acura RDX will be similar to its precursor’s i.e. three rows of seat arrangement with much improved padding and fabric usage in upholstery.


2017 Acura MDX Price

2017 Acura’s price is neither known nor confirmed. Speculations’ galore has led to some foretelling the price between $42,000 and $57,000. Though speculative, this pricing is still not reasonable despite providing all luxuries doe to basic equipment package’s availability.

A remarkable step that has been taken to meet demands of supply only shows how earnest the company is. Apart from Acura, equal and highest possible attention is also given to other model productions which include Ridgeline and Odyssey. Ohio plant is set to become a big beneficiary as 2017 Acura MDX heralds a new chapter in East Liberty plant.

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