2017 Alfa Romeo

2017 Alfa Romeo SUV to sizzle in US market this season



In a complete turnaround of sorts, Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romeo saw a change in fortune ever since it came under the wings of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. First launched in 2008, a new model 2017 Alfa Romeo SUV will hit the market with a well planned strategy to cater US market selling 4C, a market that has to put up with the Italian makers delay. It is also expected going past previous sales and standards of technology which is looked up to by many these days. Alfa Romeo has also announced the launch of as many as two Alfa Romeo SUVs within 2018.


2017 Alfa Romeo SUV Engine

 Approaching its date of launch and yet few things are known about 2017 Alfa Romeo but under the supervision of Fiat Chrysler, it can pack a punch to its competing SUVs. A turbo charged V6 engine generating 500 hp is what is expected to be under the hood. There is also a line- up of 6 cylinders and a 4 cylinder engine. Regarding the platform, there is a possibility that 2017 Alfa Romeo SUV will be built on Giuletta’s extended version. Both front and all wheel layout availability will make the car not only sporty but also make weight reduction a healthy 50/50. It must be noted that other models like BMW X3 too ride on similar platform.2017 Alfa romeo 111


2017 Alfa Romeo SUV Exterior

 For cutting down costs of SUV, it is necessary to use materials that cut down costs and maintain efficiency. Like any other SUV cars 2017 Alfa Romeo too will see the use of materials like aluminum and chromium for building of its exterior. Another advantage of aluminum and chromium use is that increases speed and maintains smooth functioning thus reducing fuel consumption and maintenance bills. Additionally carbon fibers will be used in building roof top and hood. Dual system exhaust points will be created with rear portion of car getting slimmed down to make it sportier and evenly matched with taillights using LED technology. 2017 Alfa Romeo will also see its triangle ad inverted logo etched on the central grille.


2017 Alfa Romeo SUV Interior

 Luxury and comfort level may also be doubled in 2017 Alfa Romeo SUV by providing leather upholstered seats and back sits. Maintaining of a decent temperature inside the car may be done with actual dual zone environment control system. Infotainment will be spruced by multiple connectivity options like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Bluetooth connectivity will surely provide easy and convenience to use phones in hands free mode while driving. Improved cabin with large touch screen will make gaining access to dashboard along with other controls easy. A very useful driver alert system will may be added to alarm the driver in case any function or infotainment feature fails to respond.2017 Alfa Romeo side


2017 Alfa Romeo SUV Price

 2017 Alfa Romeo SUV seems to have made all the necessary preparations for launching a cut-throat battle in its category with solid features. It will therefore be priced higher than its precursor model.  Little can be predicted about the price of a car still under development before 2017 release.

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