2017 BMW X6

2017 BMW X6 is Powerful, Fuel-Efficient and will win over car freaks

2017 BMW X6 will be an upcoming upgrade of the BMW X6. It is set to come with various changes in interior and exterior. Its engine front can also be expected to come with a number of changes. The car will undoubtedly feature varied improvements, which will endear the vehicle to buyers.


2017 BMW X6 An awesome Interior

This vehicle would arrive with some amazing features in its internal cabin. Although its maker is tight-lipped on its feature front, it is anticipated that this vehicle will have Bluetooth, AC unit, stylish air vents along with advanced display in the dash panel. Some people have hinted at the presence of heated seats. There would be premium seats wrapped in high quality and brand new materials. Buyers can find at least 5 seats with an additional one for the driver.

2017 BMW X6 front


2017 BMW X6 Exterior is going to grab your eyeballs

There would be a sporty lamp in 2017 BMW X6, with state of the art bodyline along with an attractive layout. X6’s stylish lamp stands as undoubtedly the main attraction on its exterior, and the rear bumper will be more prominent in this vehicle. Buyers can expect a stunning, stylish vehicle to drive in. As compared to its precursor, the car is rumored to arrive with a bigger wheelbase and larger body size.

2017 BMW X6 Engine is power-loaded

Its maker has not divulged any information on its engine front. However, rumors abound that car would come with a hybrid engine serving as the main source of power. This power mill will make the X6 vehicle more efficient and agile, thus ensuring a profitable decision for buyers. Power, as well as torque output, would stand higher with this engine configuration.

2017 BMW X6 side


2017 BMW X6 Transmission

Buyers do not know what type of transmission BMW X6 would be equipped with. But it can be anticipated that a 6 or 7-speed automated gearbox will drive power to its wheels. It is not known whether it would be an all-wheel drive (AWD) or a rear wheel drive (RWD).

2017 BMW X6 Fuel Economy

Its manufacturer has not released any specific information about the mileage of 2017 BMW X6. But it is expected that it will have higher fuel efficiency than preceding versions. Car analysts expect X6 to be more fuel economical on city roads as well as on expressways.2017 BMW X6


Special Features

As already mentioned, X6’s maker has not stated what kind of features would be introduced in this car. But it is a given that Bluetooth, the LCD display on the dashboard, AC unit, etc. will be there. Where safety is concerned, you can expect features like ABS, airbags, EBD, car door-ajar notification, etc. in 2017 BMW X6.

2017 BMW X6 Price

A high amount of speculation exists about how much this vehicle would be priced, as its manufacturer has not revealed anything about the same. But X6’s cost is likely to be higher than $103, 000, just what its predecessor comes at, due to quite a few changes in this version.

2017 BMW X6 Availability

This car is expected to come into the auto market sometime during the middle of 2016. Even if 2017 BMW X6comes late, it is unlikely to arrive later than the final quarter of 2016.

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