2017 Dacia Duster

2017 Dacia Duster to come up with refinements for global appeal



The 2017 Dacia Duster will hope to be a resounding success in SUV category. No other SUV has been a runaway hit like Dacia Duster, a model that is also sold and marketed in some countries as Renault Duster. For a car which is around for more than three years, it is all but obvious that there will be some facelifts. What the French automobile company will also look to achieve is tremendous sales out of an SUV that is bigger than its predecessor and capable of taking the plunge against its rivals.


Concept and platform


The talking point for this 2017 Dacia Duster will be its concept that will serve the purpose of making it bigger SUV. There is strong possibility that Duster Oroch platform that was recently displayed in San Paulo Auto show could be its final source for facelift. Renault- Nissan’s CMF platform is also expected to be the platform for 2017 variant.2017 Dacia duster


2017 Dacia Duster Engine


As it is known by now that this car will be a SUV that will cater to the global market therefore, it is probable that it will be available in both diesel and petrol versions. Yet nothing has been revealed much about engine specs it could carry under the hood. Hence, it would be only safe to assume that 1.5 liter dCi diesel engine will be retained. 1.2 liter Tce engine should also be included for it has been latest inclusion for engine configuration.


2017 Dacia Duster Interior and exterior


The 2017 Dacia Duster will be an instant hit for those looking for more seat capacity. A Reliable sources and even spy shots have implied that this latest SUV will be a seven seat vehicle. Another bounty is in the form of additional luggage space that can be obtained with foldable seats in the third row. Pleasing brown trim has been integrated for providing relaxed ambiance while one inside the car. Moving on to the driver’s panel, Dacia Duster been smartly face-lifted with leather covered steering. Again the steering wheel is power controlled, not manual. All the windows too are power operated.2017 Dacia Duster side


There are some great infotainment increments wherein Bluetooth connectivity and access to any communication mode through Wi-Fi hotspot tops the list. Information console has an eight inch color LCD screen to monitor all dashboard controls and features like dual climate control. Satellite navigation along with the incorporation of the phone with USB ports also come in a handful.


Exterior for the 2017 Dacia Duster certainly looks revamped with a new and slightly repositioned exhaust chamber. But the best part is that this SUV from Dacia is certainly going to get bigger- from 4.3meters to 4.5 meters. Less power consuming and more illuminating LED technology will be used for headlamps, tail lights which are expected to get sharper.


2017 Dacia Duster Price


The 2017 Dacia Duster has some high profile competitors across the world that includes Hyundai Creta and Tata Safari (India). Therefore price has been maintained comprehensively and this SUV looks pretty reasonable and worth purchase at $15000.

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