2017 Dodge Journey

2017 Dodge Journey aspire to become a car of choice



Dodge Journey has never wowed or impressed anyone so far. 2017 Dodge Journey would therefore like to change it for good. Ever since the acquisition of Chrysler by Ford, there have been efforts to make this SUV pretty much preferable. A lot of innovation has been done over the years in this crossover that have been are either inspired or borrowed from the 200 and 300. So much of inputs in this car have been in the dark and it is pretty unclear about the final offering. This is what can be seen coming.


2017 Dodge Journey Engine


This 2017 Dodge journey has two engine variants that are more than just different than each other. First engine spec reads a 2.0 liter turbocharged inline engine. It could also be a 2.4 liter turbocharged engine as per some other reports. The reason- it is for the fact that 2.0 liter engine is pretty primitive when compared to the turbo charged engine of modern times. This engine is capable of pumping power of 220 ponies with 225 lb/ft of torque.2017 Dodge Journey side


A more powerful engine is 3.6 liter V6 with power producing capacity of 305 ponies will be offered too. AWD has the chances of inclusion only as an option whereas both engines have 9 speed automatic transmissions.


Both engine specs have one similarity for all wrong reasons- none of them are good enough to become victors in fuel economy department.


2017 Dodge Journey Interior and exterior


The 2017 Dodge journey is said to be a crossover that has major upgrades and Ford inspired class. For the interior part, it has been spacious enough to fit seven adult passengers including driver as it is a multipurpose crossover. Fine detailing in the input section has made this increase in space that will also add more luggage space. Once again it is the 200 that has been a source of inspiration.2017 Dodge Journey


Exterior of 2017 Dodge Journey features a partitioned grille and a decently built and designed hood. Though headlights look smaller than usual, they still have powerful light system thanks to LED technology. Infotainment can only be worthy of mentioning if it carries modern features like USD ports, Bluetooth enhancements and GPS navigation for driver assist. Some more features that have been expected are wireless information panels. The new platform has certainly done its bit to improve all credentials for this vehicle which has a sorry status right now.


A more aggressive looking exterior could have made this mid size crossover much more feature loaded. However some robustness could be gained by alloy wheels and beefed up rear portion.


2017 Dodge Journey Price


For this 2017 Dodge Journey vehicle that has been announced as midsize crossover and having the market reach very limited, pricing could be the only factor that can help in getting a head-start. Right now all reports indicate towards the price bracket that rests between $20,000 and $35,000.


Another challenge that this midsize crossover has been facing is from its own clan’s vehicle, Dodge Ramcharger which has better powertrain and quite some following by customers.

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