2017 Fiat 500X

Brand New 2017 Fiat 500X Is One Little but Powerful Beast



Compact cross over is a genre in the automobile market which is fast gaining huge popularity across the world, be it Europe, be it America or be it third world nations. Therefore, all major automakers are turning their focus, in all good intentions, towards this segment. All it requires is grabbing a small utility vehicle which is not huge in proportions and then doing everything in the world to end up turning that utility car into a high performance trick. This segment as given the car buffs some of the best cars ever like Nissan Juke and Mercedes GLA 45 AMG. One such another car that is very likely to boost its way to the top of this segment is Fiat 500X, which is undergoing a redesign in order to come out in full power as 2017 Fiat 500X.


More Details and News:


This brand new 2017 version of Fiat 500X is the most luxurious piece in the arsenal of all Fiat 500’s and will surely be a solid buy, if you are considering it. It will be coming with a horde of new features in order to make its statement clear to the fans and competitors that it will be a tough car to beat. The performance arm of Fiat will be pouring in from all directions – interior, exterior, under the hood, and even marketing in order to ensure that this 2017 500X is able to live up to what is being expected from it. 2017 Fiat 500X side


2017 Ford 500 X Solid Performing Exterior Design:


The exterior design of this latest and brand new 2017 Fiat 500X will be looking all ready for a session on the track. With racy looking side skirts on both ends, aggressive rear spoilers and powerful rear diffuser, this car looks all beefed up to go for a run. The exterior design will also feature redesign looks of the front as well as rear bumpers which is sporty looking all the same.


Exterior designing has also been modified in order to keep up with the enhancements in this car’s performance.


Big 19 inch wheels have now been installed with low profile tires mounted on them. Bumpers look way more muscular than they used to which gives admirers the hint of what is in store under its hood. Spoiler at the rear end has been mounted on the trunk. Twin exhaust pipes have been provided which completes the sporty feel. Superior quality brakes as well as suspension ensure every bit of enjoyment in refinement.2017 Fiat 500X


Racing Inspired Cabin Will Inspire Many Customers:


The racing upper hand in designing of this brand new 2017 Fiat 500X, which has been so well depicted in the exterior façade, continues well inside this car’s cabin as well. To start with, we have a racing inspires instrument cluster on the central console. The steering wheel comes in the form of a flat bottom model with three spokes being attached to it. Aluminium pedals with bucket seats from Recaro seals the deal.


Performance Figures:


2017 Fiat 500X will be running on a turbocharged 1.7L unit mated to an automatic dual-clutch transmission producing 240 HP. Not much features have yet been revealed.


2017 Fiat 500X Price Tag:


2017 Fiat 500X will likely start from prices of $31,000.

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