2017 Ford Bronco

2017 Ford Bronco 

The Ford Bronco is one car which has firmly established its place as a premier SUV for off-road travelling over the years that it has remained in market. While there have been several upgrades to this SUV, the latest model of the 2017 Ford Bronco will be introducing some truly landmark changes without altering the basic design of the vehicle. For starters, the SUV will be made a lot lighter due to the use of aluminium and chrome rather than steel which will improve the aerodynamics and fuel efficiency. There are number of other changes in its design too which are making it one of the most awaited SUVs for 2017.2017 Ford Bronco

2017 Ford Bronco Interior and exterior design

No major changes are being made to the exterior design with only one exception. The size of the tires has been enhanced so that the SUV will now run on massive 21 inch tires making it one of the highest SUVs in the market. Apart from that, a bigger and much more intimidating grill will take the place of the existing one. Other standard exterior features such as fog lamps and LED lights on the front and rear will also be added.

The interior design has been upgraded to include many new technological features apart from comfortable seats built for day-long travels and a stylish dashboard. The cabin can seat 5 persons and enough room has been provided for the luggage as well. The infotainment features are also provided on the dashboard and include a big touchscreen LCD screen and a satellite navigation system along with all the standard safety features which are common among all SUV brands.

2017 Ford Bronco Engine

The 2017 Ford Bronco will come with three different engine options ranging from the normal to powerful to ultra-powerful. The basic engine is a 6 cylinder, 4.7 litre capacity power stroke engine which can give 330 hp and 645 lb-ft torque. The second engine is a more powerful 8 cylinder engine with 5.0 litre capacity and a horse power of 420. The third engine is the ultra-powerful one with 8 cylinders supercharged engine and a capacity of 5.7 litres. It also gives 662 horse power and 631 lb-ft torque power. Transmission for the Ford Bronco will be 6 shift automated transmission in all probability.2017 Ford Bronco side

2017 Ford Bronco Price and release date

This SUV is set to release towards the end of 2016. For the base model with the first kind of engine, the price will be around USD 45,000 while for the advanced models the price can see an increase of up to USD 20,000 more.

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