2017 Ford Expedition

2017 Ford Expedition is a vehicle that will offer immersive journeys

As a full-size SUV, the upcoming 2017 Ford Expedition shows a tremendous amount of class that has been introduced to make this model perfect for new generation buyers. With a total of 8 whopping trim levels, Ford is leaving no stone unturned to provide the best possible custom riding experience. With this release, the American company is looking forward to gaining more momentum for a future market that seems to be even more competitive than how it is now. Despite being a part of cyclic refreshment, this vehicle would come with various upgrades and styling changes that will make it almost good as a complete makeover.


2017 Ford Expedition Exterior modifications

 The first feature that has to be mentioned is the car’s weight, which is around 250 pounds lesser than before. This low weight leverage has been achieved with the usage of aluminium and steel combination for construction of the chassis. Results will be visible in overall performance and fuel economy. Cosmetic modifications of 2017 Ford Expedition include a revised front bumper, chrome decorated grille and newly shaped headlights that are now equipped with LED. Overall aerodynamics will also improve as there are many minor modifications that have been introduced accordingly. This beast of a car will ride on 22-inch wheels that are framed in the alloy.2017 Ford Expedition side


2017 Ford Expedition Interior Specifications

 Being a large SUV, the 2017 Ford Expedition will come with a capability of seating 8 passengers on premium grade upholstery. Expect leather seats, reworked seating arrangements that maximize cabin space, and more room for cargo. For higher trim levels, you can avail materials like chrome and wood to make the décor even classier. Ford has spent a good amount of time in making this version the most completed one yet, in terms of comfort and technology elements.


For smartphone integration, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi system will be present, MyFord Touch entertainment will grace this model and provide joyful rides every time. A 10 inch LCD screen will be a key element of this car’s instrument panel while features like Cruise control and navigation will be of immense help to the drivers.2017 Ford Expedition


2017 Ford Expedition Engine and performance

 Even though this part remains quite shady for the time being, information states that there will be a 3.5 L Ecoboost V6 engine under the bonnet of 2017 Ford Expedition. This unit will be able to generate up to 355 horsepower and create torque energy up to 320 lb-ft. Paired with a 10R80 SelectShift transmission system, this engine will be able to return fuel efficiency rate of 16/23 MPG on city and highway respectively on the All Wheel Drive version. A diesel powered engine is also expected to be featured, which is a 5.6 L unit producing 520 hp at maximum.


2017 Ford Expedition Price level and release date

 It is too early to predict launch date of this model as it was spotted wearing heavy camouflage, which may imply that the company is not ready to reveal exact dates yet. The 2017 Ford Expedition will be available sometime during 2016 with a price tag of around $41,500 for the base model.

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