2017 Ford Explorer

You can have a great car for your personal needs or your family you choose to go for new 2017 Ford Explorer. This vehicle isn’t that far from being realized. It is less likely that this vehicle would leave you disappointed as the car makers had made it rather enjoyable and pleasant for various needs. Here is what is known up to know – the newest information regarding features of the new model. It has a great combination of technology, price and engine. Perhaps you will find something more appealing below.

2017 Ford Explorer engine

The new Explorer will be great choice for people who like a mix of luxury and comfort for the affordable price. 2017 Ford Explorer engine allows the car to be overall economic and thus you can use it basically for longer as well as not so long trips. The engine’s standard is 3.5 l V6 unit with 290 hp and 255 lb-ft. Another model for Sport and Platinum levels is 3.5 l V6 engine with 365 hp and 30 lb-ft.

When talking about interior and exterior, there are many things to be said. First of all, regarding exterior, the new car will have 5 trim levels, namely, XLT, Base, Limited, Platinum, and Sport. The new model will differ also with new grille and bumper as well as redesigned hood and LED headlights. The bumper is new and also, there are adjustments for exhaust pipes and pillars. The wheels are 18-inch alloy but a car with higher trim will have wheels with 20-inch aluminum. For higher trims for a car with 5 doors, there are added also a moon-roof, rain sensing wipers, HID headlights and some other great features that should be explored.

2017 Ford-Explorer interior

Regarding the interior of the 2017 Ford Explorer, it is clear that materials used there is high quality and with the latest industry developments. The third-row seats will be possible to use also by splitting 50/50. For driver’s comfort, his seat will have a 6-way power. Regarding the technology it is worth mentioning a satellite radio, a keyless entry that will make you forget to worry about where the car keys are, a satellite radio and for more comfortable steering a steering wheel is wrapped in leather. The steering will also be possible to be a tilt or telescoping. For those who like to stay warm even in the coldest times, heated seats will be like the best thing. There is also an 8-inch touch-screen and possibility to use Sync. For security reasons, there are also lane departure warning, blind spot warning, forward collision warning, brake forming information and some other useful information that sometimes can be really important.

2017 Ford-Explorer exterior design

This amazing 2017 Ford Explorer is stated to be released in the second half of 2016. There is no precise realized yet. Regarding the price, it is worth knowing that the car will be available from 30.000 $ for the basic model. The car will try to compete with competitors like Toyota Highlander, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Honda Pilot, Chevrolet Traverse and some others.

Ford Explorer 2017 seems to have a great economic engine and a lot of space for people thus making a practical and yet capable car. More information is yet to come but it is clear that this will be a good model.

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