2017 GMC Terrain Review

Priding itself upon one of General Motor’s best creations, the GMC Terrain has been captivating the imagination of people over the last decade or so. To make this series even more popular, the company is now preparing a refreshed version of the classic which will be introduced as 2017 GMC Terrain. As a third generation vehicle, this model would bring everything one can expect from a classy apart company. Changes will take place on the car’s outer body, its interior features, and under the hood. This SUV’s family oriented features will be magnified by multiple folds and now provide irresistible options for both power and luxury.


2017 GMC Terrain engine and performance

Even though no official details have yet been revealed, the 2017 GMC Terrain is said to come featuring a 2.4 L V6 engine that will be able to generate 184 hp and 175 lb-ft of torque. Even though this engine is a standardized offering for many cars in this segment and at the same price ranges that are no reason to be discouraged. There will be an additional offering in the form of a 3.6 L V6 unit that will obviously deliver better horsepower and torque. Both the engines are expected to be paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission that will transfer power to both Front wheels and All wheels, based on your choice.

2017 GMC Terrain


2017 GMC Terrain Exterior and Interior modifications

At the very first glimpse, the changes made to the body of 2017 GMC Terrain becomes apparent. This vehicle has a different front fascia and rear because of changes in the grille design, bumpers, air intakes, tail lights, etc. LED has been introduced into the elongated headlights beneath which capable foglamps have been placed. The new platform will decrease this model’s weight by quite a large degree due to which you will gain better performance as well as more fuel economy. This model boasts of an aggressive overall appearance which is expected to be popular among young buyers.

The cabin features of 2017 GMC Terrain tells a whole new story about progress in technology and comfort elements. Marked by a lavish redesign, the inside will be filled with gorgeous decorative elements, seats will be covered up in leather, knobs and button control layout will be brought back. This model has ample space for all passengers to sit with their arms and legs stretched. Speaking of entertainment, there will be an amazing quality audio system and two 7 inch LCD screens for viewing.

Drivers will have to option of adjusting seat height and temperature along with various other safety tools like the rear-parking camera, lane departure warning system, and cruise control. GMC takes a lot of pride on their technological innovations because of which they have attained so much fame in this aspect.2017 GMC Terrain side


2017 GMC Terrain Price and release date

Said to offer multiple trim levels, the 2017 GMC Terrain will no doubt be a fantastic new addition to the company’s stellar lineup. This beauty should be available on sale either during the end of 2016 or beginning of 2017 at a price somewhere close to $ 27,000.

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