2017 GMC Yukon

2017 GMC Yukon is gearing up to make a huge entry



Another fantastic entry into the SUV segment will happen in the form of 2017 GMC Yukon, which is one of General Motor’s most revered cars. Going through a moderate redesign to appeal to tastes of the younger generation, this model will attain a heavy dose of masculinity. Changes will be visible in the car’s outer body, interior decorative elements and technology, and under the bonnet. Compared to its predecessor, this upcoming release will be agiler due to lower weight, which has been attained through usage of lightweight steel and aluminium in the construction of the chassis.


2017 GMC Yukon Exterior visuals and style

 This unique looking SUV has gained few boxy features that make it look aggressive in appearance. The 2017 GMC Yukon has gained LED technology headlights, beneath which fog lights have been placed, and grille design has been modified to reflect this model’s luxury origins. There is a wide roof, extended body dimensions, and chrome elements scattered at few places to bring some much-required elegance. This beast of a model will ride on 18-inch wheels that looks superb while in motion due to the alloy covering. Coated in the shiny black finish, this model certainly looks more than ready to take on the competition.2017 GMC Yukon side


2017 GMC Yukon Interior features and technology

 The cabin of 2017 GMC Yukon has gone through a major revision and now comes with top of the line luxury elements. For maximizing comfort, the company has placed leather seats with more room for head and legs. Cargo space has also increased due to foldable rear seats while every interior feature has been furnished with a great quality cloth to imbue a sense of class within. Dashboard has been redesigned to be of more use to drivers and controls have been digitalized completely to reflect the modern technological advancements.


Truly making this model shine is an assortment of infotainment elements that include a superb audio system, 8 inch LCD touchscreen, tilted steering wheel, etc. For various safety features like Navigation, Parking sensors, and the Cruise control has been introduced. It should be safe to presume that safety airbags will be there along with connectivity options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.2017 GMC Yukon


2017 GMC Yukon Engine and performance


As per our trusted sources, 2017 GMC Yukon will come with two different offering in engines that provide exception performance.


  • The first one is a 5.3 L unit with horsepower capability of up to 355 and torque of 385 lb-ft.


  • The second variant is a 6.2 L engine with V8 technology that can produce a maximum of 420 hp and 480 lb-ft of torque.


These engines will likely be mated to a 9-speed automatic gearbox and be offered on AWD and FWD. Details regarding fuel economy and performance have not yet been revealed, but we are expecting to hear from the company soon.


2017 GMC Yukon Price and release date


This magnificent SUV known as 2017 GMC Yukon will be available sometime towards the end of 2016. Expect to dish out as much as $50,000 for the base variant of this car and up to $70,000 for the ultra trim level.

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