2017 Land Rover Defender

2017 Land Rover Defender Will Carry Forward Its Old Legacy



Land Rover is one of the few brands that has made popular terrain vehicle with their Defender lineup. It is basically an enigma for most of the car lovers. This off road utility vehicle is one of the most popular choices for off road lovers. It is the most recognizable lineup for the British automaker. This line up was first launched in the year 1983 and it came as a replacement of the famous Land Rover series. Since then it has gained a respectable position in the automobile market. To continue this saga, Land Rover will bring a new model of Defender which will be known as a   2017 Land Rover Defender. Experts are suggesting that this new model might lure large amount of customer mainly due to high performance engine.


2017 Land Rover Defender Exterior Design


This new generation vehicle will carry lot of new features as well as restyled outer design. 2017 Land Rover Defender will hold the prestige of this old classis brand, that is why Land Rover is try every possible design so that the car look more appropriate. The exterior will be designed in such a way that it will be more masculine and aggressive than its predecessor.


The outer bodylines and edged will be slightly sharper in order to demonstrate resilience. It will make its debut in major auto shows which include Geneva, New York and Frankfurt. Land Rover is claiming that it will be the most capable Defender model and it can sustain any kind of rough terrain. It would get a new aluminum monocoque platform although it is just a rumor. Basically this new model will incorporate some drastic changes in every parts of the body.


This new platform will shed massive amount of weight which will make a big impact on overall performance and especially its fuel efficiency. The overall changes it will include are large twin color bumper, high tensile aluminum skid plate, circular style LED headlamp, small mist light, small black mesh grille, large aluminum wheels with high performance tires, high mounted stop light, heavy duty yow hook etc.2017 Land Rover Defender front


2017 Land Rover Defender Interior Design 


The interior of this new model would be made to be both convenient and comfortable. Cabin will carry two rows of leather seats which will be sufficing enough to accommodate five passengers. The central console will include top tier equipment having all modern features. There is a possibility that it might remove the extreme rear row to provide more space for cargo.


2017 Land Rover Defender Engine Specification


2017 Land Rover Defender will carry two engine choices, one is 2.0 liter Ingenium engine and another one is 3.0 liter super charged V-6 engine that can produce 300 horsepower.2017 Land Rover Defender


Gear System


The engines of 2017 Land Rover Defender will be padded with two transmissions variant. One is eight speed automatic and another one is nine speed automatic. Optional manual transmission will be available with both the engines.


2017 Land Rover Defender Fuel Economy


The base engine has a mileage rating that exceed 55 mpg which is a tremendous plus point for this vehicle.


2017 Land Rover Defender Price and Availability


2017 Land Rover Defender will hit the market in 2017 with a possible price point of $61,000.

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