2020 Ford Bronco

2020 Ford Bronco: Back From the Dead



Ford Bronco is a utility vehicle (the later versions were Sports Utility Vehicles) manufactured by Ford since 1966, till the last vehicle rolled out of its Michigan Truck Plant in 1996. The car had its market presence for three decades in distinct 5 generation models. The first major redesign occurred when the car shifted its platform from early smaller version to a larger Ford F-series truck chassis.


There have been rumors for a pretty long time that Ford will re-introduce the car. The North American international Auto Show 2004 even demonstrated a concept car with some resemblance to that of earlier Broncos. However, the plan was shredded with the launch of Ford Escape. Recent news has suggested 700 million dollars agreement between UAW and Ford Motor Company for reviving Bronco brand, and launch of the car as 2020 Ford Bronco model.


2020 Ford Bronco Design Specifications:


The concept vehicle on which 2020 Ford Bronco will be based showcases a unique front fascia: a raised front end carrying almost rectangular front air intake grille and a large Ford inscribed on the grille. The model features large rectangular headlamps, raised bumpers and LED side indicators on the side mirrors, large swept up fenders and straight body lines.


No news about interiors of 2020 Ford Bronco model has been received yet. But since the car is expected to be based on Ranger model, a similar setup is expected with a more rugged version.

2020 Ford bronco front


2020 Ford Bronco Engine Offerings and Expected Fuel Economy:


The 5th generation Bronco, which rolled out in 1992, was powered by three engine options: a 4.9 liter inline 6 unit, a 4.95 liter V8 and a 5.75 liter Windsor unit. The 2004 concept showcased at North American International Auto Show carried 2 literintercooled inline 4 turbo diesel unit. However 2020 Bronco power train specs and fuel efficiency have not been made available yet.


Transmission Package:


The 5th gen model had an array of three transmission packages: a Ford AOD 4 speed automatic transmission, a Ford C6 4 speed automatic transmission and a Mazda M5OD 5 speed automatic transmission for the larger 5.75 liter engine. All versions have all wheel drive configuration for off road driving.2020 Ford bronco side


The 2004 concept showcased a 6 speed manual transmission along with 4 wheel drive configuration. The 2020 Ford Bronco model transmission package has not been revealed yet. However, all-wheel drive configuration will be a standard offering as the car’s probable competitors will be Jeep Wrangler and Toyota 4Fortuner.


Updated Features:


Ford Motor Company has recently unveiled its latest Sync infotainment system in three trim levels: Sync with MyFord, Sync with MyFord Touch and Sync 3. This system provides hands-free calling facilities, 911 assist (no extra charges), Bluetooth audio, Sirius XM Satellite Radio stations with voice commands, USB port connectivity for both android and iOS platforms as well as Pandora internet radio.


Since the Bronco will be a 2020 model an even updated infotainment system, driver assists package and safety package is likely to be installed on the vehicle.


2020 Ford Bronco Price and Availability


Only the concept model of 2020 Ford Bronco has been unveiled, with no reliable inputs on its price or market launch.

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